kerala, India
One month visit to my home. It was a wonderful time with family and friends. We stayed sometimes with family and sometimes in resorts. One of the highlights of the trip were the floating houses in Poovar island. Small little houses were built in a way so that it will float in the poovar river. These houses were attached to the land by a rope so that it won’t float away.
My girlfriend loved the Golden peak hills of Ponmudi. It’s the wild face of Kerala. We traveled there by my motorbike. It was more than 80km from home to Ponmudi hills. Even though the motorbike was not in a great condition my girlfriend agreed for an adventure to the hills, It was completely worth it.
We also stayed in Kovalam and Varkala two of the most popular beaches of Kerala. In Varkala we stayed in Hindustand beach resort and in Kovalam It was Udaya Samusdra. The experience in Udaya Samudra was much better since it was a five star resort.
kallar River, Ponmudi
Poovar river
Floating home,Poovar
Poovar island resort, Kerala
varkala beach, Kerala
Floating homes, Poovar