Isle Of Skye
Scotland has always been in my bucket list. The beauty of its wilderness cannot be expressed through words. Scotlands natural beauty is blessed with mountain rivers, valleys and wild life. The sky might be grey but the land is colourful with life.
The wild wind and green mountains, the little homes at the bottoms, the rivers of life, Scotland is absolutely a wild beauty at it best. It was a road trip with two other friends. The sky was roaring with pouring rain. The most unbelievable thing was we didn’t have an accommodation yet. We had to organise it.
We managed find a place in Inverness at the night in an old english lady’s house. The next day we traveled through Portree and explored some fascination locations of Skye. We had so many plans including capturing time lapse, videos and pictures but the Skye had other plans in her mind, she wanted to be free and wild.
At the end we managed to make few clicks, but those images were not even closer to the beauty of pictures captured by our soul.