Bath, England
On 02 Wednesday 2019 the very next day after the new years day, We arrived bath about 1.30pm. We had reserved a room at Holiday Inn Express, which was just about 10 minute away from the city centre. Straight after a little nap at the hotel, we venture to discover the ancient roman city.
Bath is a modern city with ancient buildings and architecture. The mission was to find an old pub and try something unique from Bath. But unfortunately after walking around for an hour and a half, we could only find some fish and chips and other regular style cuisine in the town. With great disappointment we decided to eat from the next pub we see on our way. But the next pub we saw wasn't serving any food, the kind bartender asked us to walk further two minutes to find a pub called the "Cork". 
It's look like it's our lucky day, the pub was empty! Even though they were open and serving some burgers and typical english food, my girlfriend didn't felt like staying there. we continued our relentless journey to find some special places.
Finally ! 'That's what I am looking for'. Sally Lunns Eating house. Sally Lunn’s is much more than a world-famous tea and eating house in the centre of the wonderful city of Bath England. This historic building is one of the oldest houses in Bath. The kitchen museum shows the real kitchen used by the legendary young Huguenot baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath to create the first Bath bunn – an authentic regional speciality now known the world over. (This description is took from their website (
To be honest the food was exactly what I was looking for, Unfortunately we couldn't try the soup, which finished just before we could order. But we ordered the world famous bunn and braised pork and beef as our mains. Need not to say, the food was delicious and was authentic.Homely and fresh food, crispy and fluffy bread with butter and salad, Yummy!.The meat was soft and juicy. 
It's the first time in England I saw braised meat served with such a bunn. The price was so cheap the two course we had been priced just £14.50 per person.